Chapman needs to research

Feb 152006

In his article "Guaranteed Rights? Not at CSU," Ryan Chapman should have done more research on the issue of student conflict resolution and the law before standing on his soapbox.

Chapman failed to pay attention to the reasons behind the actions taken by the Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services and police in arresting and dismissing a student accused of assault and domestic violence.

Further, he made a horrific suggestion about false reporting of assault and domestic violence. If Chapman had done his research he would have known that police can only make an arrest if there is probable cause.

Thus, his friend being arrested was not just a case of "one person's word versus another," but rather there was enough evidence to permit an arrest. Secondly, student's rights and responsibilities are clearly outlined in the handbook we are all given upon admittance to CSU and in the planner given out every year.

This includes information on investigations conducted by CSU every time a student is arrested, what warrants the dismissal of a student and how students can appeal a dismissal. CSU reviews each case before taking necessary measures, in this case dismissal of a student.

Chapman's statement about false reporting of assault and domestic violence was insulting. In fact, the FBI reports that only 2 to 3 percent of assaults are false reports – the same percentage as any other crime. It is unfair to even suggest false allegations when our society is in the midst of fighting violence against women every day.

Kristin Hailpern

Senior Psychology Major

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