Feb 152006

I'm writing to commend Ryan Chapman for shining a light on a very under-represented topic in his column last Wednesday: the lack of rights given to the criminally accused in the case of rape and domestic abuse. I too have observed a friend leave school after four years of work because of an unsubstantiated rape claim.

I thought Mr. Chapman left out one important aspect in his article that I would like to provide. I have no statistics regarding this issue, but I would be willing to bet that a surprisingly large number of women drive home intoxicated after a long night of drinking because men who have experienced similar rape accusations are not willing to let them stay at their homes.

The risk is simply too high that these men might be accused of rape, and as many of us have seen, evidence is not always necessary to make this kind of accusation damaging. Whenever I sleep in the same house as a woman I do not know very well I always ask myself, "How good are my alibis?" If this is not a breakdown of civil liberties, I invite anyone who reads this to explain to me how I am wrong.

Eric Olsen

second Bachelor's candidate

political science

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