Alternatives to hunting

Feb 152006

Dick Cheney's hunting accident-which reportedly left pieces of birdshot lodged in his friend's heart, causing a heart attack-has provided the media with an opportunity to let people know about the many other hunting accidents that result in human injury or even death each year in the United States. Americans may also be interested in knowing the following facts:

_ Sociologists and criminal profilers do not find it coincidental that most, if not all, students who open fire at school hunted as children. A youngster's sense of right and wrong is damaged when they are taught that killing is "fun."

_ Deer enjoy emotional lives. They kiss (read the science) and bond, and there are deep consequences for them-physical pain and suffering aside-when one of a pair or of a herd is shot and killed in front of them.

_ We do not need to hunt to eat. Families with expensive hunting clothes and weaponry have access to dietary choices that do not involve killing deer "for the table."

Only a few dilettantes and survivalists now hunt. That is how it should be nowadays, when we know better and speak longingly of nonviolence.


Ingrid E. Newkirk


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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