Feb 142006

While I'm not out to hurt anyone's feelings I have to say I just can't take it anymore. I'm speaking of Megan Schulz's editorial, "What makes a good president." I don't suppose the Collegian is in a joint venture with a local elementary or middle school because that seems to be the level at which Schulz writes her editorials.

The focus of her writing drifts like my mind in freshman biology class and the use of references, analogies and descriptive phrases is novice at best. Before attempting to use rhetorical questions like "Do I want my president to be like Homer Simpson, lovable and stupid?" make sure they are actually rhetorical. We do have those presidents; they are George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan. We all know Bush isn't that smart, as long as he's not the one making real decisions we'll be alright. Ronald Reagan didn't know what was going on half the time; people just laughed it off as his usual cute "grandpa-esque" style.

Is Ms. Schulz equating growing up in poverty to a pile of trash? I grew up in poverty and wouldn't consider myself trash. What about "I see ugly people walking around with babies all the time," one of the most off-topic and juvenile references I have ever seen in print.

The race for the presidency may, indeed, be a popularity contest but isn't it ironic that Jebediah White Trash III is the type of person that elects people like G.W? One more thing; please do some homework, Louisiana doesn't have counties, it has parishes.

Rob Peters

Senior, Technical Journalism


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