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Feb 142006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Kyle Bell ran us to victory and Dre Downs, Tess Rogers and Casey Bauer slammed the competition.

But now the average, everyday students with little or no athletic ability can help CSU excel in the Mountain West Conference, too.

If you can bleed, you can lead our school to victory.

The MWC blood competition starts Thursday. Our athletes do their part all year to represent our school, now everybody can.

Our students can trounce TCU, Air Force and Wyoming by sheer numbers alone. Each of these schools has less than 9,000 students; CSU has 25,000 – no contest.

We outnumber students at New Mexico and Utah by a couple thousand each – totally possible.

UNLV, BYU and SDSU have about 2,000 students on us, but we can still triumph.

If you donate plasma for money, take the week off and donate blood. See "Bleeding for a good cause" on page 5 for more details.

Save a life, help our school and hey, get a free burrito from Qdoba while you're at it.

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