To the Editor:

Feb 132006

I couldn't agree more with Jerome Santiago's letter Thursday asking, "What is the purpose of (Morgan) library?" Can't the homeless stay where they belong (under a bridge, for instance) so that those of us with homes could at least pretend they don't exist? It's bad enough that we have to see them walking around town or standing in soup lines, but now they're in Morgan Library, too! The audacity of that "burnout forty-something guy sleeping (and) enjoying the heat and comfort of the university library." Who do the homeless think they are? The fact that he was a grumbling, peanut butter-eating transient only adds to my righteous indignation. I mean, come on, you've got a jar of peanut butter, what's there to grumble about? And this is just a drop in the bucket of deviancy that currently afflicts Morgan Library, as Jerome notes in his letter, "We got guys running around with needles hanging out their arms, university technology fee-subsidized perverts rubbing one off at the computers, (and) transients milling around the (library) third floor." Jerome astutely ties this into the fact that there is an inordinate amount of toilet paper and urine littering the men's lavatory (I'm assuming he only investigated the men's facilities). Coincidence? I think not. As we all know, germs are the handmaidens of deviancy.

I'd like to express my disappointment that CSU doesn't do more to protect its students from the real world. Given time, perhaps we can put these traumatic events behind us and refocus our attention back to creating the type of worry-free, self-involved environment we can proud of. The problems of hunger, homelessness and masturbation will only go away when we no longer allow this type of behavior to infiltrate our campus. Thanks for reminding us, Mr. Santiago, that ostracizing these individuals is everyone's responsibility.

David Munoz

graduate student


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