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Feb 132006

To me, love is a complete understanding of a person-knowing a person's entire situation and knowing why they do what they do. Once you truly love a person it will never end because you will understand how that person makes decisions. Society has dumbed down love too much.

I herby nominate Sandie Cohen from the OC as Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

Not only is he the moral glue that holds the Cohen family together, but he also is a pillar of strength in the New Port Beach business and social community. With his stunning good looks, perfect hair and rebel surfer attitude, Sandie is the All-American boy who can't lose.

To all you river sharks who drive fast through campus: watch out for pedestrians that cross the street between the two student parking lots between West Pitkin and Lake. We don't like you either.

They should lower room temperatures by ten degrees or so. I mean it's always so hot in places during the winter and people can always throw on another jacket if they get cold. But if you're too hot there's just nothing you can do.

I really wish there was water in the lagoon, that way there would be another obstacle that people could possibly crash their bike into. The noise the splash makes when they hit the water is just like a small victory for all those around.

To everyone in large lecture classes – is it necessary to begin packing up all your stuff and moving the desks 30 seconds before class gets out? I mean not only is it EXTREMELY rude, to not only your professor but your fellow classmates, but I'm pretty sure it is not going to hurt you to wait until the professor finishes his sentence to pack up your stuff.

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