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Feb 132006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

As you may already know, the goldfish in the Lory Student Center Lagoon are in mortal danger.

We thought we should publicly declare our support for the goldfish. We want them to survive. Really.

But from where we stand, things look grim.

The lagoon's water is shallow, and a shallow body of water can freeze quickly. If we were to have a week of sub-30-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, we would likely see the fish meet their doom.

Gordon Mueller, a United States Geological Survey biologist, gave our reporter a tongue-in-cheek suggestion: "I'd suggest you get a bucket and a pair of waders and go out and rescue them."

So, if you need a last-minute Valentine's Day present… we won't actually encourage you. We don't want to see anyone getting hurt or sick or, well, whatever else could go wrong in such an endeavor.

But if we happen to see you on a rescue mission in the lagoon, we wouldn't tell anyone either.

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