Ram Talk

Feb 122006

To all you singles who keep bitching at me that you don't have anyone to be with on Valentines Day: Yes, I understand you are very sad and lonely but that doesn't mean you have to bring me down with you. I have someone to be with and you aren't going to ruin my evening. So go home, watch some TV and stop complaining, as I have decided to stop caring.

Spooning leads to forking!!!

I think CSU should have more foreigners so that I can find a foreign girlfriend.

To the person whom is glad to see the lagoon drying up. I am saddened by this because it allows the hippies to get their Frisbees back.

For all of you naysayers out there…I FINISHED THE CROSSWORD-BY MYSELF!!!! It is not impossible! Persistence is key. (Well, intelligence too…)

Does anyone else hate the wind and the way it keeps up for hours? It's like walking around with a nagging woman at your shoulder all day, with no end in sight. One of these days, I am going to snap. If you see someone walking to class have a psychotic episode and start punching the air, that's me.

So there was an article in Friday's paper about trash talking, and they interviewed a CSU player…? I am pretty sure the rest of the Mountain West Conference would get a kick out of that, maybe our team should spend more time working on their game and not trying to insult the other team.

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