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Feb 122006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

CSU's own congressional representative, Marilyn Musgrave, has been outspoken on her position against same sex marriages, going so far as to suggest a Constitutional amendment against such unions.

This is one of many reasons why Musgrave has been an embarrassment in Washington, and obviously shows a lack of moral character and sound judgment.

Withholding the rights of marriage from same sex couples is a thinly veiled form of bigotry.

The argument against gay marriage rights is often centered on the protection of the institution of marriage. If this is the case, then the real push by these supporters should be the elimination of marriage as a legal definition.

Instead, civil unions should be the only private partnership recognized by the government and it should be extended to all American citizens, regardless of sexual orientation.

The only reason to not support same sex unions is the desire to deny rights to a particular group of people because of their beliefs. To say that a certain group of American citizens cannot enjoy the same legal, medical and economic rights as the rest of us is not only immoral, it is un-American.

It is not hard to imagine 50 years from now, when figures such as Musgrave could be remembered infamously for their discriminatory views in much the same way that we now cringe to look back at politicians from bygone eras fighting against the integration of schools.

Respect others' beliefs in the same manner you would expect others to respect your own. Let's keep the government out of bedrooms – and legislation out of marriages.

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