Feb 122006
Authors: Ryan Skeels

For a while there it felt like Harrison Ford had fallen off the planet with his three- year absence from Hollywood and all. I've always been kind of a sucker for his flicks and probably always will be. I've tried to make myself believe it's because he's always in such well-made movies, then I realize "Six Days and Seven Nights" can, in no way, be considered as such and that my problems seem to stem from countless viewings of "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

For whatever reason, Ford has always had a special place in my heart, and unless his upcoming role in "Indiana Jones 4" ruins the series, he probably always will. Either way this weekend his latest flick "Firewall" released into theatres and does a pretty good job at providing some quality entertainment.

Ford stars as Jack Stanfield, the VP for security at the Landmark Pacific Bank in rainy Seattle, father of two children and husband of a lovely wife, played by the wonderful Virginia Madsen. Everything's going well for him and the family until one day after work, a strange man gets in his car and flashes Jack his cell phone with a picture of his daughter screaming. Ah, how technology begins to infiltrate the movie industry; I won't even mention all the cameo iPod appearances as of late.

Anyhow, the man with the phone is played by the creepy Paul Bettany and together he and his small band of villains have kidnapped the Stanfield family. In order to assure their survival and good health, the villains demand Jack not only assist in the robbing of his employer, but also actually commit the burglary himself. Being the family man that Jack is, he's left with little choice but to meet their demands and electronically steal the $100 million from under his boss's nose.

There's really not any aspects of this flick that stand out and make it much better than any other like it. In fact it sort of felt like someone managed to combine "The Fugitive," "Ransom" and "Hostage" into the same script, add a bank and a rainy setting, cast Harrison and see if the pieces fell into place.

One thing that definitely panned out for the filmmakers was the casting of Bettany. His acting just gets better and better with every role and is sure to keep heading in a positive direction. The Stanfield children were actually pretty darn good actor/actresses also. A funny thing to note also is that the boy who plays Andrew in this is also the little boy who starred in "Hostage."

If you like any of the movies previously listed, are a fan of action movies whatsoever, or just enjoy the existence of Harrison Ford, you'll definitely find "Firewall" to be a good time. It's at least worth it for the final fight scene between Bettany, Ford and a painful-looking pickaxe.

3 out of 5 ramheads.

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