Feb 122006
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Of all the dreams I could possibly conjure up about my future, writing and directing the next "Final Destination" flick definitely ranks near the top of that list. This past weekend the series was finally turned into a trilogy with the release of the cheesiest, most predictable, goriest and possibly most fun to watch thus far – "Final Destination 3."

If you've seen the first two in the series and the thought of sitting through another one is as painful as having your hand nail-gunned to your face you may want to sit this one out. Personally however, I am a huge fan of the first two, and it should be immediately noted that this third one is a near exact replica of its predecessors.

Death's design is back and traps a few more unsuspecting high school seniors after Wendy Christensen has a deadly premonition as she straps into a rollercoaster during a senior class field trip. The daydream causes Wendy to cause a commotion and get six other classmates and herself kicked off the coaster just in time for the dream to come true, killing everyone still aboard. Once again though, it's not just that easy to remove yourself from death's plan and he sticks around, killing the survived kids one ridiculously intricate death at a time.

It was definitely a good move for James Wong, director of the first "Final Destination," to triumphantly return and lend his genius into the third. The way he builds the tension and keeps you guessing on exactly how the next death will go down is hilariously fun. There's one scene involving a runaway truck, a fast food drive through, a fan belt and the back of an unfortunate student's noggin that's especially sweet.

Don't expect any Oscar nominations for acting to come out of this flick, either. It's like the writers sat around at the kitchen table with a 30-pack thinking of absurd scenarios for people to die in, put them in order and wrote over-the-top cheesy dialogue to fill the gaps. It's qualities like these you must respect and yearn for if you're ever going to enjoy the bad horror movie genre.

A night at the movies with a bunch of good pals never fails to be a great time, but honestly, seeing this Saturday night is the best I can remember. If you love the horror and can't get enough of the cheese, do yourself a huge favor: grab a few pals, a few delicious beverages and enjoy yourself a couple hours of outlandish filmmaking at its pinnacle.

4 out of 5 ramheads

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