Feb 092006
Authors: Jenna Lynn Ellis

This week has served to give me a contempt and appreciation for electronics.

Contempt: Guys can use texts and instant messages to their advantage and annoy girls with their endless immaturities without saying anything definite or substantive when it comes to relationships.

Appreciation: Guys seem to prefer instant messaging and even texting sometimes to get their thoughts out (they're intimidated of the phone, apparently), and somehow serious and sincere conversations can happen.

Digital paradox.

But perhaps I should give men more reasons why electronics really don't rock. Granted, I have come to a new appreciation of them, but this doesn't mean I love them or they "so rule all."

No. Be glad I at least appreciate them now. All they do is serve to make things more complicated, especially between a guy and a girl.

Will men please explain why it's easier to talk to a girl through texting than over the phone, or why you won't just do it in person for crying out loud? Especially after the ultimate fear (possible rejection) has dissolved and you know we'll go out with you?

Just because this digital paradox occurs and sometimes deeper conversations happen online, this doesn't mean it should be the typical M.O. When the subject of the conversation is about a relationship between the two persons texting or they are utilizing instant messaging as the sole medium of communication to define a relationship… well, it gets confusing and incredibly lengthy.

Some guys actually find it a source of great comfort to say all those personal words like "you" and "to" as "u" and "2." (Somehow this makes everything less freaky). All I can say is that you wouldn't survive the old days where men had to actually show up in person, converse with the lady's parents and probably write her a sonnet or two.

At this point, you men are probably thinking, "Well, what part of 'I want 2 take u out' don't you women understand?"

No, we get that part. It's everything else that you're failing to say that we're wondering about. Think about it this way: Girls are like Congress. We're complicated, have too many committees and need everything line-itemed so we have a chance to veto.

So saying "let's go out" and our answer of "okay" is more like approval of your thesis statement, not the conclusion. So we'll need more than "u r 2 cool."

How can this possibly happen through electronics? Sure, I can sit at Chipotle on my cell phone and text "how r u" to a friend. But when something as serious as a relationship or dating is involved, men, please don't think it can all be defined to a girl's satisfaction or even begun relatively well-grounded through oxymoronic "electronic communication."

Girls need more than "u r hot." Really.

Girls aren't from Best Buy. We're from Bath & Body Works: a fragrant haven of substantive purchases, interaction, choice… and nary a digital paradox.

Jenna Lynn Ellis is a junior technical journalism major. Her column runs every Friday in the Collegian.

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