The Secret is out

Feb 082006
Authors: Jenny Ivy

Ingredients for making it big in music entertainment: Going double-platinum Down Under – check; touring with a bona fide pop trendsetter – check; hopping across the Atlantic to promote a new album – check; being cute and bubbly twins with vocals powerful enough to knock their own checkered shoes off – double check.

Currently on tour, The Veronicas, an Australian rock duo, seem to have all the right prerequisites for a global bubble gum pop explosion.

And they haven't even released their new album.

"We're just being us and we love what we do," said Veronicas' singer Jess Origliasso, who comprises one-half of the melodic duo.

Set to launch their new album, "The Secret Life Of…," on Sire Records on Tuesday, the twins' catchy rock vibe in the past few months has already been dubbed by such trend trackers as Teen People Magazine and MTV to be the next punk/pop fad, following closely behind the successful debuts of artists like Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson.

Considering their crossover to a U.S. major label seemed to happen overnight, Lisa Origliasso said she doesn't mind the critics or being compared to other American artists.

"People are always going to compare us to someone else because that's what people do," Lisa said. "We don't take ourselves too seriously. We're a bit more laid back."

In true sibling form, the two noted that if they didn't have each other for support, their promotional journey would be an intimidating one, considering the pressure coming from American critics, who, on the plus side, are actually liking the 21-year-old Brisbane, Australia natives.

In fact, AOL Music and Radio Networks and Teen Vogue recently named the band as one to watch out for in 2006.

"I'm so glad you can sing," a relieved Jess commented toward Lisa while resting between gigs on their punk princess tour bus.

Vocal talent recognition aside, it's hard to deny that the two have had a bit of help in the entertainment world from their American friends. One spiky-haired friend, in particular, is triggering hot romance gossip, adding more to The Veronicas already rising fame.

Ryan Cabrera, a guitarist/singer and songwriter most known for his hit 2004 album, "Take It All Away" first introduced the twins on his 2005 U.S. tour, and the star schmoozing hasn't stopped there. Cabrera can now be seen backstage on The Veronicas' U.S. tour, giving support to his new girlfriend, Jess.

"Wow, three months is coming up," Cabrera noted of the two's already two and a half-month relationship.

And the celebrity networking continues to grow from there.

While collaborating their upcoming album, The Veronicas said they were grateful to have worked with producer Max Martin, the mastermind behind such billboard hits crafted for pop sensations, *NSYNC, Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys.

Billy Steinberg, a songwriter who propelled Madonna into an iconic sphere with the hit "Like a Virgin" was also on hand to co-write for their first album.

Add to that a promotional partnership with Keds shoe company and the title track to the WB's sister drama, "Related," The Veronicas are, by industry standards, being quick-launched into pop star status.

It is a global arrival, which the twins have been preparing for since the age of five, they say. And they aren't slowing down.

"If someone's just in it to be famous, they are going to lose interest quickly in this business," Jess said. "Our father always told us the longer you take to get up there, the longer it's going to take to get back down."

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