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Feb 082006

To whoever is upset about Braiden being busy during lunch: We, from the West side, would love to welcome you to our home dining at Durrell or Ingersoll between your classes. Don't forget hiking attire!

To the Collegian readers who take the paper and leave the "junk" on the pile of papers and the floor around newsstands: There are recycle bins and trash cans in every hallway, most entrances to the buildings and in almost every classroom. USE THEM! You are college students, you are adults, act like it. Your mother is not going to come clean up after you. Thank you.

Your POGS are as good as mine. I'm unstoppable with my titanium alloy slammer.

Have you ever wondered how they got the word "sandwich?" I mean, c'mon, it really doesn't sound like something tasty, which makes me wonder if McDonald's came up with the word. Unfortunately, I went to Wikipedia for the history of the "sandwich" and sadly found that the redheaded clown had no patent on the word.

I'm glad to see that the "lagoon" outside the LSC is drying up and turning into a nice beachy area. They should put out some umbrellas and chairs to complete the effect.

To all the idiots who can't figure out the crossword puzzle, my friend and I sat down and did Monday's crossword in about 30 minutes.

I know this may sound crazy, but the reason why you get a ticket for skateboarding in the street is because that's where cars drive. The law prohibiting skateboarders from riding on the streets is both for your protection and education as to the greater inertia automobiles tend to have over your average skateboarder.

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