Feb 082006
Authors: Jenny Ivy

Downtown Fort Collins is a place rooted in traditions. From a great nightlife, to eclectic shops, to multicultural eateries, Fort Collins has proven itself to be one of the most entertaining cities in Colorado.

Beginning March 1, through Great Plates of Downtown, Fort Collins restaurant owners will pay homage to the establishing year of the city by implementing special meals at the price of $18.68.

In a competitive sense, this collaboration is a truly commendable action to take. Not only do these businesses show that they are willing to honor this great city, but they also show that Fort Collins is united in its commitment to provide the best service it can to its residents.

The Downtown Business Association should take pride in its action to pull together and represent the full glory of a town over a century old.

At the Collegian, we are not only the voice of the student population, but are also residents who understand that the 260-plus restaurants throughout Fort Collins make the city stand out as one devoted to satisfying the taste of every individual.

While the Collegian's taste may not reflect that of every individual on the CSU campus, we have and will continue to devote ourselves to providing the most accurate and objective view we can, while at the same time maintaining respect and appreciation for the businesses that provide such an outstanding variety of services.

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