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Feb 072006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

The editors of The Rocky Mountain Collegian have received various amounts of criticism over the decision to publish articles on Monday and Tuesday involving alleged public indecency and drug use within the Morgan Library.

Both stories provided unpleasant elements that some readers may have felt uncomfortable reading about.

It is the opinion of the Collegian's editorial board that our purpose is not to shield our readership from what is occurring on campus – no matter how uncomfortable the subject may be. We feel the CSU community has a right to know about public information – in this case involving police reports – that is relevant, timely and occurs on campus.

Balancing what some may perceive as the most relevant news of the day and what our audience may desire to read about is tricky business. There may be no right or wrong answer; often it depends on an individuals' viewpoints and interests.

We felt these stories deserved to run because the CSU community should be informed about such actions on campus. Both stories involved public health, crime reports and occurred on property which most of us spend time on. In our opinion, failing to report on such incidents would have damaged our credibility more than reporting it ever could.

If the details provided within the articles were too unseemly for some, we hope you realize that we don't create the news, we just report it.

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