Family and career?

Feb 072006

At risk of sounding like a sexist, I'm writing to disagree with the Collegian's printing of "Women: a force to be reckoned with" in Tuesday's edition. I spent a year after graduation working in the "business world", and I must say it is vastly different than the academic environment we enjoy here (for example, I have time to write this letter). The Collegian should not imply that having a college degree is all that is needed in order to be successful in the business world. It is really just one step in the right direction. Additionally, taking time off to have kids often times hinders one's ability to succeed in a career. If anyone knows how to attain a high paying job that let's you have a great deal of time off, please let me know so I may apply. The fact is that being successful in the business world usually requires working long and hard hours that should otherwise be spent with one's family. Employers are likely to give the best promotions to people who show up to work everyday and do not complain about extra work.

I agree that women should be able to run a business as well as a household, but I do not think that we should underestimate the ardor of doing both at the same time.

Eric Olsen

2nd bachelor's candidate in political science

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