Three unrelated law unfair

Feb 062006

We recently received a nuisance complaint about having three unrelated persons living at our home at 3131 Colony Dr. I think our situation exemplifies what is unfair and wrong about this outdated law.

First, we have been model neighbors: We have made vast improvements to the interior and exterior of our house, we have never had a large amount of people over, we have never been cited for a noise violation and we have generally complied with the requests of our neighbors (including getting rid of a dog that a neighbor complained was barking too much).

Secondly, we provided our contact information to our neighbors and made it very clear that we were more than willing to compromise with them on any issue that might come up.

Finally, we have reason to believe our neighbors had a preconceived negative image of us since we first moved in August 2004. I know all of this is irrelevant to the fact that we are still violating the ordinance; however, I think other students need to be aware of our situation.

Hopefully, others will realize that this law is promoting stereotypes and elitism under the guise of protecting students by discouraging so-called "slumlords."


Art Stawski

Economics/Political Science Student

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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