Ram Talk

Feb 062006

I will dominate anyone who faces me in a game of POGS… for keeps.

There should be a newsstand of the Collegian in every men's bathroom stall on campus … because that is where I read mine everyday.

I am disappointed in Yosemite Sam. He is a trader for driving a Honda "truck."

But who can blame him. That mud flap girl is a hottie.

Okay, I understand that some classes just aren't the most entertaining you could ask for, but for the sake of those of us who would like to get our money's worth from class, please don't slam the door on your way out. Some of us are listening and taking notes.

Quite frankly, reading about Chuck Norris's roundhouse kicking ability bores me. Where have all the clever and witty RamTalkers gone??

Just FYI: The Morgan Library is a building for higher education, not public masturbation.

And the MVP of Super Bowl XL is…official Phil Levy #127. Phil single handedly won the SUPER BOWL for the Pittsburgh Steelers by taking bribes from Jerome Bettis. Sweet.

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