Feb 062006
Authors: Vimal Patel

The day before a man allegedly ejaculated in Morgan Library, a CSU Police Department officer in the same building drew his gun on a man with a needle sticking out of his arm, police said.

The incident, which occurred in a library bathroom on the night of Jan. 26, ended peacefully with the suspect's compliance.

Fort Collins resident Chris Rosenblath, 37, told police he's a heroin addict who can't stand being sober, according to the police report.

Rosenblath, who does not attend CSU, said he bought $40 of the drug in Denver earlier that day, the report states.

CSUPD Cpl. Darren Martinez responded to a disturbance in the second floor north bathroom. He could hear the commotion while he was talking to other officers near the first floor entrance.

After he entered the bathroom and identified himself as a police officer, he saw the shirtless, 200-pound Rosenblath move from the side of a toilet stall toward the window, the report states.

When the man turned toward Martinez, he was in a defensive stance and had a hypodermic needle sticking out of his right forearm, and that's when Martinez drew the gun, the officer wrote in the report.

The suspect complied with Martinez's orders and the officer removed the needle from Rosenblath's arm after handcuffing him, the report states.

Martinez could not be reached Monday afternoon.

"In 18 years I can't think of one officer who hasn't had to draw (his or her) gun," said CSUPD spokeswoman Yvonne Paez.

But less common, she said, is encountering a man with a needle sticking out of his arm.

George Jaramillo, the assistant dean of the library, said the back-to-back incidents in Morgan Library are the two most serious he's heard about in his five years at CSU.

He added that CSUPD patrols the building every night.

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