Students try to stay warm

Feb 052006
Authors: Sara Crocker

Steven Thomas, a sophomore psychology major who lives in a three-person apartment in Rams Pointe, said he and his roommates keep their thermostat between 62 and 65 degrees to save money.

"We stay pretty bundled up," Thomas said.

Thomas said they have also made sure all of their windows are sealed to help their apartment hold more heat. Like many other students, Thomas has had to get creative to stay warm because of the rising cost of natural gas prices in the last year.

Tom Henley, a spokesperson for Xcel Energy, said lowering your thermostat one degree can decrease your bill by about one percent. He also recommended turning down the heat when people don't plan to be home.

Danielle Biggs said her rent covers her heating bills, but she said she is more conscious of how high she let's the thermostat climb. The sophomore equine science major, who lives in Old Town, said she is afraid if the bills get to high her landlord will make them take over utilities on their own.

Biggs said she's also heard many of her friends complain about rising costs.

"I've definitely heard people saying (prices are) going up," Biggs said. "A lot of people are just staying cold, wearing lots of clothes and blankets."

Daniel Croll, who lives with Thomas, said he understands the higher bills because during this time of year, the heat always needs to be on. But, he did acknowledge that keeping their apartment under 65 degrees wasn't causing a sweat either.

He said: "Can't walk around naked."

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Other tips for keeping your bill low:

  • Keep inside doors open during the day.
  • Turn down the heat on your water heater.
  • Make sure your home or apartment is insulated properly.

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