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Feb 052006

To the guy that got pulled over on his bike: I can sympathize with you. I got pulled over on my skateboard once. I got lights, sirens and all. Then he checked my driver's license and gave me a $50 citation for "skateboarding in the roadway."

I love Sudoku puzzles. I am one of those people who find the crossword impossible, but I breeze through Sudoku puzzles. If the Collegian continues to have Sudoku Puzzles in the back of the paper every day, I will be happy the rest of my days at CSU.

To the cyclist who snuffed out his cigarette and stuck it in his pocket before riding off: THANK YOU! You're the second smoker that I've ever seen taking care of their own trash when no trash can was available. Way to go!

To the person complaining about circuit usage: if you take a little bit of time to look at the sign in the circuit area, multiple SET (not rep) users are only required to yield to single SET users during certain hours. Otherwise, it is fair game. So stop acting like you are entitled to something when you aren't.

To the person who hit the left rear bumper of my little black Honda on Tuesday, which by the way was parked right in front of my house on Edwards: Thanks for leaving a gaping hole in my car, along with the red and white paint marks. You'd think that by now college students could park diagonally, or at least leave a note instead of driving off.

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