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Feb 052006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

We don't feel it necessary to urge our fellow students not to masturbate on campus.

Obviously, if your screws are loose enough that you are intent on doing it, our words won't stop you. But just for righteousness' sake, we'll take a stance.

We at the Collegian are against on-campus masturbation and the soiling of public property.

There. Our consciences are clean.

That said, this issue brings up another important point that everyone should be aware of: Not everybody on campus is a student.

CSU is state property. This means anyone has the right to be on campus. Homeless men and women may wander the Lory Student Center, use the restrooms to clean themselves and sit comfortably in the student lounge, watching the televisions.

Outsiders are free to use the library to pore over books, surf the Internet and, yes, ogle sexually explicit photographs and movies.

But this freedom comes with responsibility, and, being the cynics that we are, we do not have faith that everyone who might walk onto this campus is necessarily responsible nor sane.

So, we at the Collegian will make a more realistic and worthwhile urging to our fellow students – be careful when you're on campus, especially in the evenings. Call the police if someone gives you the creeps.

You never know who walked in off the street – or why.

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