Feb 052006

I would like to respond to Luci Storelli-Castro's column last Friday about supporting the troops in Iraq.

I need to call her out on her bad bias and faulty assumptions. Having a yellow ribbon magnet on one's car does not imply that one supports the troops and consequently the war and President Bush unconditionally. People from both sides of the spectrum are concerned for the safety and well being of their family members, friends and fellow Americans.

She took a bold leap by pointing out a dichotomy that she appears to think is rampant, that is, "either you're with us (the war hawks) or against us (with the terrorists)." Such a dichotomy is not so rampant because the issue is not black and white, as she tried to point out. If this dichotomy is rampant then it can be logically deduced that the anti-war advocates must be "with the terrorists." If one wants to believe this assumption is rampant then I don't mind the logical conclusion that follows.

Point being, both assumptions are false. It does not appear that supporting the troops means one supports the war and President Bush unconditionally and the yellow ribbon is a non-partisan symbol. Anti-war advocates have inflated these assumptions to a degree that doesn't exist. However, I do agree one can support the troops and not side with President Bush.

Bush doesn't properly fund the troops, you say? How about the $120 billion he asked Congress for to properly fund the troops? I suggest you read the news, Luci.


Eric Herth


geology major

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