Academic Freedom?

Feb 052006

If violations of 'academic freedom' are so endemic within this collegiate system, then why did the students never hear about such 'violations' until after the establishment of the Students for Academic Freedom (SAF) in 2003? Was there ever a credible problem, or did the SAF simply manufacture the said problem by playing on the fears of the uncultured? Even if the 'problem' existed before SAF's establishment, why is it that only the left-wing professors are attacked by this presumably nonpartisan organization? Perhaps this organization and those supporting it have a greater agenda they are masking with such catch phases as 'academic freedom.' This idea is not outside the realm given that the SAF is a well-funded, right-wing organization and its founder, David Horowitz, professes that colleges and universities are "indoctrination centers for the political left." If a nonbiased environment is truly the goal of the SAF then professors of the far right should be scrutinized as much as those of the far left. Although these ideals are professed by many, including this humble newspaper, in reality they are quite skewed. If you are in doubt after Friday's front-page puff piece on this organization, then read one of Tim Waddington's or Ryan Chapman's opinion articles sometime. In truth, these supposed guardians of 'academic freedom' are part of a greater witch hunt, the likes of which has not been seen since McCarthyism. I encourage those professors of the far right and left to stay vigilant, though I realize those of the right have little worry about.


Patrick Hume

CSU Alumni

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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