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Today I ran into an old family friend. After exchanging formalities, she asked about my little brother, who is a Marine. After telling her that he would be deployed to Iraq in just a month or two, her face was anguished. She asked, "Is he excited?" I told her yes, he was, and he has been waiting since boot camp to go to Iraq. "Well, it's just that military mentality that they instill in them…I just wish it was all over."

Since this woman was an old family friend, and my elder, I bit my tongue. Otherwise, I would have told her off.

My brother joined the Marines because of this war. He heard a calling for something nobler than a peace rally. "Military mentality?"

Since when did the United States government begin brainwashing soldiers? Is it so hard to believe a man could have convictions, have a conscience to fight for something he truly believes in? Those adamantly against the war seem to forget that those who are fighting are fighting for a purpose, for a reason, not just because they had nothing else to do or they wanted a check from the government.

I urge everyone to look at our soldiers, at our brothers and sisters, and actually talk to them about their convictions. I hope it doesn't surprise you to know they're fighting for something they believe in.

Brian Johanson


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