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Authors: Hailey McDonald

3 out of 5 rammies

Dear Avril Lavigne, WATCH YOUR BACK. – Sincerely, The Veronicas.

Their international hit "4-ever" flooded the pop music scene, and now, this new Aussie duo is preparing to release their 2006 album, "The Secret Life of the Veronicas."

With the alternative guitar, catchy choruses and the feeling that you have been listening to the same song throughout the whole CD, this album is begging to become the latest main source for team anthems.

I envision myself as a high school junior who has just totally biffed it in front of the entire crowd of popular boys, running to my car and crying all my glitter magic eyeshadow off – but it's cool, because I am rockin' out to The Veronicas and they understand me.

The group consists of two identical twins with spunky personalities, talent, good looks and adorable accents to match. They have worked with the cream of the crop in the music industry to create their consuming sound. From Britney Spears' producer to the creative genius behind Madonna, the girls have connected with the right crowd to set them on their way to undoubted fame and popularity in the United States.

However trite their overall image may be when compared to A Perfect Circle or Atmosphere, the catchiness is utterly addicting. "4-ever" is definitely the song that will get you. The song is like black hair dye to a rebelling 13-year-old.

The ballads, "Everything I'm Not" and "When it All Falls Apart" are perfect songs to belt out alone in the car (just make sure your windows are up because it is unlikely their talent will be matched by the average vehicle rock-star).

I imagine in the next couple weeks you'll probably hear the songs in a club and in stores like Limited Too to Hot Topic. It will for sure be a radio station favorite – that is if you haven't heard them already.

Check out The Veronicas if you like Avril, but you don't like being a poser, or the likes of musicians such as Garbage, Ashlee Simpson, Kelly Clarkson or maybe even Simple Plan.

The Veronicas play 7 p.m. tonight at the Starlight and Friday in Denver at Rock Island. You can download "The Secret Life of the Veronicas" on iTunes before it hits stores on Valentine's Day.

4 out of 5 rammies

When was the last time you heard rap? I'm talking SugarHill Gang, "Rapper's Delight" rap; not this new age, Ying Yang Twins, "get drunk off crunk and smack my woman in the ovary 'til she dies" crap.

Finally, there is a group here to take us back to the real rap. Sorry Will Smith, I know you tried really hard with your no cussing policy, but I got over "Welcome to Miami" when I turned 12.

Lyrics Born strikes out with beats to match Dr. Dre and lyricists who strain for Busta but ultimately come closer to Sean Paul. In their album "Same !@#$ Different Day," which came out April 2005, they attempt to redefine current hip-hop by blending in a unique combination of soul and funk.

The track "Callin' Out" can be seen in one of the music revolutionary Diet Coke commercials starring Academy Award winner Adrien Brody. Originally the song appeared on Lyrics Born's debut album "Later That Day," but appears on "Same !@#$ Different Day" as a remix with E-40 and Casual. Like "'Callin' Out," many of Lyrics Born's songs appear on this CD as remixed versions of the original. Remixes can be fun and ultimately make a dud a hit. Unfortunately, in this instance, the remixes hardly differ from the original tune.

Like a large majority of hip-hop, the lyrics don't leave much room for humbleness. In the rather comical track "I'm Just Raw," Lyrics digs on his fellow rap artists and commandeers Saturday Night Live's Stuart Smalley's saying "… and gosh darn it, people like me."

Overall, the album is saturated with a distinctive sound that slightly resembles only the best parts of modern, popular rap. Look into Lyrics Born if you are entertained by Sugar Hill Gang or regularly listen to Atmosphere, KRS-ONE or James Brown.

Tracks to download: "Callin' Out," "The Last Trumpet," and "I'm Just Raw."

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