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Jan 312006

Why can't toothpaste manufacturers make a toothpaste that won't show up a bright shade of white on my shirt when I am not paying attention and it falls out of my mouth? Why can't I just use my head and brush my teeth OVER the sink instead of going on adventures through my house while brushing?

Why is it that when I finally fall for a girl, she plays me like I have played all the girls before her…Karma sucks!

To the guy who gave the advice to the guy who lost his girl: Be careful in randomly slipping in "Shawshank" quotes. That movie may be the only thing in this world more powerful than Chuck Norris' right leg. And on a side note…Mr. Pibb and Red Vines do, in fact, equal crazy delicious!

Un-phased by the roundhouse kick of Chuck Norris, John Elway promptly led a fourth quarter comeback win.

To all you people who think that wearing oversized sunglasses looks cool: It doesn't. Just think, ten years from now you will look at pictures of yourselves and laugh at your bad taste in fashion. I, on the other hand, am laughing at you now.

You know, I think CSU should hire people that write "Letters to the Editor" to teach classes because they seem to know everything about everything…Go John Elway!!!

The current dime has a picture of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only U.S. president to serve four terms. It was first printed in 1946, soon after he died. It was meant to honor his struggle with polio and the implementation of the project the March of Dimes, which began in his first term.

While Chuck Norris and Dog the Bounty Hunter both have their fine points, everyone is overlooking the true crime-fighting superstar. Yes my friends, Steven Segal's legendary combo of ponytail, squinted eyes that are constantly in the shadows, and a voice that never rises above a whisper give him infinitely more power than Dog's mullet and Chuck's beard combined.

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