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This is a response to letter writer T.J. Herrera. "Terrorists," "un-American," "Communist." Conservatives use the same name- calling implored by liberals to discredit liberal points of view. That is not to say it is right or effective, however, it is the way the political game in the United States is played. Please dismount your high horse.

Your comment about "the U.S. government, including the military, is the voice of the people," is the real point of my debate with you. You are right, in theory, the "elected" officials in Washington are there to speak on behalf of the American people. However, in practice, this could not further from the truth. Elections are held between two parties, working together to exclude all other parties from having a fair chance at winning. Elections run white, rich, male candidates over the age of 50. These MEN do not represent the populations they claim to. Ethnic, religions, sexual and economic backgrounds, among others, are not represented in American government.

The military is more representative of the population. It is made up of mostly poor and working class people of mixed race and ethnic backgrounds. It is too bad they are dying in large numbers on foreign soil and can't speak for themselves.

And what were you talking about that most of the victims of Sept. 11 "never served?" Did you forget the Pentagon was attacked and hundreds of military officials were killed there or that numerous amounts of civil servants were killed in the collapse of the World Trade Center? I figured with all of the "never forget" ribbons on SUVs people would remember what happened and to whom.

On a final note, I am curious what you meant by the "once-great Democratic party" since the Democratic Party has it's roots in Southern white supremacy and the KKK. I don't see anything great about that.


Brian Minton


political science

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