Dear Megan Schulz,

Jan 312006

Thank you for being honest about your selfish and fastidious motivations for attacking smokers. Might I suggest compassion may be a better means of getting what you want? It might provide you some release from the anxieties you expressed, after all – who ever added a day to their life by worrying?

Are you truly concerned for smokers' financial well-being? Will you let me let a secret slip?

I'd like to let smokers know about a great alternative to complete enslavement to the corporate powers that want us to be as cool as the fantastic Joe Camel or the dearly departed Marlboro Man. I suggest you roll your own cigarettes for as little as $12 a month. The effort it took to delay my gratification enabled me to make that final step – handing over the problem of all illegal and deadly drugs to God in the name of His Son, Jesus. (No, I'm not a 12-stepper. That's a culture that leads directly to recidivism.)

Finally, Megan, I would like to thank you for your honesty! You could have played the guilt card with the fallacious second-hand smoke argument, but instead you were honest in portraying the issue as it applies to you. I'd encourage you, if this issue is really important to you, to make a friend with a smoker and through non-judgment, save their life. You know, touch that leper to heal him, that kind of thing. It all depends on one decision. Are your priorities shaped by life and death issues? Or is the big question 'cash or charge'? The choice is up to you.


Adam Hirschhorn

CSU alumnus

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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