Jan 292006

Perhaps letter writer Joshua French would not have such a hard time with the theory of evolution if he actually understood the theory, rather than arguing against a figment of his own misunderstanding.

Joshua states that evolution hinges on biogenesis being true.

This statement, by itself, is correct. But when we see that he defines biogenesis as life coming from non-life (the correct term for that is abiogenesis) we see just how truly misinformed he is.

The theory of evolution makes no claims about the origins of life, either from primordial ooze or the hand of a creator. One may make a case against abiogenesis, but that does absolutely nothing to

discredit evolution, which concerns itself only with the changes in species over time.

I urge everyone to make up his or her own mind on the subject, but to judge the theory on its own merit rather than the confused accusations of the ill-informed.

Kendra Wiig

CSU alumni

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