Ram Talk

Jan 292006

Ever notice the other setting on staplers. You can staple normal, or you can staple outwards. Who does that? Maybe I'll create a revolution in stapling and turn in all my papers with outwards stapling.

Chuck Norris would so beat Dog the White Trash Bounty Hunter! The beard is like 8 times the power of the mullet, and when was the last time Dog roundhouse kicked someone's face off? I rest my case…

To the person who wrote about Greek Life on the Plaza: Top Gun does not suck.

How can anyone say such a thing about such a badass movie? Tom Cruise with his boyish good looks and that sexy smile makes me want to scream like a 16-year-old schoolgirl! It is, therefore, the best movie of all time.

To all the people who go to CSU and still wear memorabilia from other schools – go home! We don't have any room for posers like you. GO RAMS!!

It's been said that love and insanity closely resemble each other, suggesting that when you're in love you almost act insane. Does this mean that I should worry about those who say they love me killing me with a spork or should I worry about that crazy lunch lady trying to make out with me?

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