Jan 292006
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Friday marked the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In celebration of the great composer's birthday, the CSU music department held "An Evening with Mozart: 250th Birthday Celebration."

Songs performed by pianist and organ musician Joel Bacon were the highlight of the evening. Bacon, a professor, currently holds the Stewart and Sheron Golden Chair of Organ and Liturgical Studies, the first endowed chair in the College of Liberal Arts, according to the CSU music department.

In order to recreate what a birthday party for Mozart might have been like some 200 years ago, Bacon and others dressed the parts. Bacon donned an ostentatious Mozart-like wig and wore traditional dress of the 1600's.

Cynthia Vaughn , assistant professor of voice at CSU, joined Bacon on stage. Her soprano voice, coupled with tenor Todd Queen , commanded utter silence and attention in the room.

Queen, associate professor of voice and yodeling at CSU, performed a duet with Mozart.

"An Evening with Mozart" was broken into three sections, Mozart at a Surprise Party, Mozart at Church and Mozart at Home, each filled with different playful surprises for the audience. During the Mozart at Church section, audience members were all asked to stand and sing "Ave Verum," a piece composed by Mozart in 1791. In the Surprise Party for Mozart section, those in attendance paid homage to the great maestro by singing "Happy Birthday."

One of the aspects which made "An Evening with Mozart" so enjoyable for audience members was how much the actors themselves seemed to enjoy being on stage. The musicians were committed to making it feel as much like a step back in time as possible, hoping to transport everyone in room 203 of the Music Building back to 18th Century Vienna.

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