Jan 292006

Your columnist Jake Blumberg appears to be another budding young "redneck" journalist who learned his fact checking from Rush Limbaugh and Fox "News."

The primary strategy seems to be to blame enviros whenever possible for anything and everything. His source of disinformation may indeed be the Army Corp of Engineers, famous for flood control failures all along the entire 1,000-plus mile length of the Mississippi and anxious to blame someone for the inadequately constructed levees that failed during the Katrina disaster.

National news networks and the New York Times reported that the soil preparation for the levees that failed was substandard, and their height much too low. The funding to fix the known problems was denied by the Republican-controlled Congress repeatedly.

The levees that were substandard just happened to be in the poorest, primarily minority-occupied sections of New Orleans. The Corps of Engineers spent billions trying to control flooding along the Mississippi and never succeeded in outflanking Mother Nature.

I have no doubt their measures have saved billions of dollars and many lives because some of their measures have worked. I also remember flying over the mostly flooded Midwest several years ago and observing that there are times when nothing works. Wetlands are often good protection from natural disasters.

I would venture to say that we can't spend enough to make a below-sea level city withstand another category 4 or 5 hurricane. Galveston was devastated by a similar hurricane in 1900 with several thousand people killed when the sea rolled over it with swells more than 40 to 60 feet high.

Trophy homes have been built on the beaches there on 10-foot-high stilts. There's no protecting humans from our own folly. Jake should concern himself with the millions of pounds of mercury that are going into the skies provided by power plants, poisoning our rivers, oceans, streams, fish and people, rather than trying to blame someone for Katrina.

I am sure he will find work as a disinformationist with Karl Rove and his henchmen in the Republican Party, or perhaps at Fox "News."

Alan Apt

-former Fort Collins city councilmember

Fort Collins resident

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