History repeats?

Jan 262006

When 'Nation X' attacked a Middle Eastern country, other countries around the world universally criticized this blatant invasion of another sovereign nation. Islamist extremists and Jihadists throughout the Middle East poured into the once secular country to fight the infidel invaders/occupiers. Nation X's troops were bogged down in the inhospitable terrain and became the target of insurgent militias. Critics labeled this war "another Vietnam" and "unwinnable."

Growing distaste for the war over the years caused civil unrest among Nation X's populace leading to a loss of faith in its government. This loss of faith was compounded by a series of national disasters, which increasingly brought to light the inability of Nation X's government to deal with crises at home. Years of war finally took its toll on Nation X's already strained economy and the bankruptcy of the country was a large factor in its eventual collapse. Thus fell the Soviet Union.

Kenneth Serenyi

second bachelors


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