Jan 262006

I'm getting sick and tired of liberals who continually use the term "chicken hawk" to describe those of us who support the war in Iraq, but have never served in the military. Ryan Chapman has been continuously attacked for his position on the war, and liberals admonish him to "join up or shut up."

Let's just get something straight. There is a big difference between why we go to war and how we go to war. Nobody suggests that non-veterans are more qualified than veterans in military strategy. Further, the U.S. government, including the military, is the voice of the people. Since the people elect government officials to represent them, they have every right to debate political issues, including war!

And let's not forget the fact that the majority of Americans are ineligible to serve. There are also many people who have tried to join, but were disqualified for reasons beyond their control. And what about the civilians who were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001? Most of them never served, either. Certainly they have a right to an opinion on the war…

I'm all for debating issues. Unfortunately, many liberals would rather engage in name-calling and smear campaigns than civil discourse.

I think it's interesting how liberals love to preach about tolerance and diversity, but in the same breath label those with whom they disagree intolerant. If I happen to support the war and the president, I'm a chicken hawk. Yet if I compare President Bush to Hitler, speak out against the war or throw pie in the faces of conservatives, well…that's just free speech.

It's time for the once-great Democratic Party, and the far-left loons to whom they are so beholden, to wise up and grow up!

T.J. Herrera


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