Jan 262006

Monday's editorial celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the decision to legalize abortion in the United States was not only deceitful, but it used totally irrational arguments to promote your agenda.

You argued that abortion must remain legal on the premise that "making abortions illegal will do nothing to remove the practice from our society…abortion services will simply move into a black market, making them more costly and dangerous to the people who can least afford it."

Your logic, and I use the word loosely, implies that we should not create laws that people will violate. This viewpoint is totally bogus and disregards our nation as a legitimate source of authority. It also assumes that the same number of abortions will be performed whether legal or not.

You imply that abortion should be kept legal to ensure that it remains "safe" and "affordable." Domestic abuse is still a common practice in our country even though there are countless laws prohibiting it. Using your logic, we should allow the "rule of thumb" so that we may beat our spouse in a safer and more standardized manner, not the secretive and dangerous methods we are currently restricted to.

I agree with your last point that anti-abortionists need to provide people with education and services as abortion alternatives. Many of these programs exist, like Alpha Pregnancy Center here in Fort Collins. Unfortunately, because killing the unborn is much more financially profitable than saving them, the Alpha Center does not have access to the vast resources that Planned Parenthood possesses.

Kevin O'Brien


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