Jan 262006
Authors: James Baetke

Police on Friday ordered the head of the University Counseling Center to appear in court on allegations he turned a blind eye to an employee accused of stealing more than $17,000 from the university.


Charles Davidshofer, the 61-year-old director of the UCC, was issued a summons Friday morning at his office in the Clark building.  Police believe this is the first time in CSU history that a department head has been served with a summons for a crime.


Police want Davidshofer to answer to charges of first-degree official misconduct /_” a misdemeanor crime meaning knowing use of a public position for unlawful personal gain, or that of another.


Eric Lintz, a detective with the CSUPD, said Davidshofer may not have directly taken money from the university, but turned a blind eye to the criminal mischief of Reva Jeanette Miles-a former employee accused embezzling $17,000 in cash deposits and goods over a three-year period.


“He may not have known what was going on, but he should have,” Lintz said.


The detective said Davidshofer was  “very shocked” and “seemed a little down,” when he handed over the summons to the 35-year employee to the university.


“Jeanette (Miles) ruled the roost, and nine times out of 10, Davidshofer went along with it,” Lintz said.


In 2005, Davidshofer received a Distinguished Administrative Professional award, according to the CSU official Website, which cited his strong leadership and managerial skills and “wisdom and commitment to the profession and students.”


Linda Kuk, CSU vice president for student affairs, could not be reached for comment.


Davidshofer did not return a phone message left at his office Friday.


Read more in Monday’s Collegian.


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