Jan 252006

Tim Waddingham is a moron. I am somewhat of a liberal, and Waddingham is the reason conservatives call liberals "nut jobs." In one of Waddingham's prototypical articles last semester, he calls President Bush the worst president in American history. This close-minded viewpoint would have been fine if he hadn't preached open-mindedness in the same article, a few paragraphs later. Keeping an open mind means, for Waddingham's sake, being open to all possibilities and views on the subject and taking them into account when forming an opinion.

Waddingham gave us countless one-sided examples of why Bush sucks, but he never gave us a picture of past presidential failures. What about the early presidents who owned slaves? What about Woodrow Wilson's white supremacist views? What about Nixon's less than truthful exploits? One could make a strong case that they were worse presidents. I'm not saying Waddingham is wrong in stating that Bush is the worst president ever, but he is wrong in preaching open-mindedness but not presenting the whole picture. Waddingham, therefore, is close-minded.

Moreover, in a recent article, Waddingham says, "Bush flunkies are stupid." I have learned that personal attacks are not only ineffective but also undermining. Waddingham loses credibility as a "political analyst" when he calls Bush's followers "stupid" and "flunkies," which is a derogatory synonym of slave. I called Waddingham a moron in the opening statement of this article to prove how inane and ineffective personal attacks can be. I hope that now many people will not take him seriously.

Even though Waddingham is entitled to say and think any way he wants, his approach to presenting his views is seriously flawed. With an onslaught of personal attacks and one-sided arguments, Waddingham engages in partisan hackery, which does nothing to help solve America's problems. Therefore, I hope that no one will take Waddingham seriously when he engages in the aforementioned tactics. Instead, we should request a commentator who is open-minded and respectful, not the opposite. Tim Waddingham is a liberal "nut job."


Andrew Stewart


psychology major

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