Jan 252006
Authors: Julie Abiecunas

Looking for that perfect place to start your morning off right? That perfect hearty meal to satisfy your hunger? Well top o' the morning to you, lads and lasses. You need look no further than McCoy's for that hearty morning feast.

McCoy's coffee and atmosphere are just what any college student needs as a pick-me-upper first thing in the morning. The walls are painted a creamy yellow with cheerful decorations, and the vibrant wait staff will have you ready for class, work or whatever it is you have on your plate for the day.

The entrees can be described as scrumptious, and they offer a wide array to choose from, such as French toast, omelettes, breakfast burritos and waffles.

For my own trip to McCoy's, I decided to be faithful to my hometown and ordered the Fort Collins Omelet. It was a genius blend of tomatoes, monetary jack cheese, ham and onions. All breakfast omelets also come with delicious, crispy potatoes and your choice of an English muffin or toast.

Another perk to McCoy's is that they offer gourmet coffee from Catalyst Coffee, which is located next door. So patrons looking for a flavored latte, hot chocolate or cafe au lait will have their needs satisfied for the morning.

It is nice to have a place like McCoy's in town that is a step above Denny's and IHOP's. The service and the atmosphere are much nicer, and it's just the place you'd want to take your parents to if they were in town for the weekend.

Ultimately, McCoy's is the perfect place to go when you've got the hankering for a good cup of joe and a warm cinnamon roll or are just downright hungry and need a good, hearty, Irish breakfast feast!

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