Jan 252006
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This Friday with LMNO from the Visionaries at the Aggie. $15 at the door. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Every now and then you might hear about a "beef" between musicians.

"He said my crib was whack so I came back with a track about how (messed) up his rides are."

Local hip hop artists are trying to change the notion that musicians have to compete with each other to make good music.

Andrew Wilmot and CSU sophomore business management major Jeff Petersen, better known as "All Points Beyond" and "Sono" respectively, are the driving force known as Phunny Pharm.

For more than a year, Wilmot and Petersen have been performing their self-written and produced brand of hip hop for the masses in Fort Collins.

"[We want to] take the existing underground scene and turn it into something more positive," Wilmot said.

Phunny Pharm is not only working with music, but also with the artistic side of hip hop.

"The art is huge," Petersen said. "What people see is just as important as what they hear."

It's this mentality that made Wilmot and Petersen decide to join up with artist Brian Dowling.

Dowling, better known as "Fish," is just as important to Phunny Pharm as either of the emcees, according to Petersen.

Dowling is responsible for all the artwork for Phunny Pharm's music.

"[Hip hop] should be about the artists working together as opposed to working against one another," Wilmot said.

Jared Collett, known as "Improv" to his fans, is another local emcee who shares the same views as Phunny Pharm.

"We've played great shows," Collett said. "Working with these guys is always fun."

"I would almost consider Improv a part of (Phunny Pharm)," Petersen said.

Improv and Phunny Pharm have shared many stages, but some of the unlikely concerts have really stuck in their memories.

"We played with Ghosts of Verona recently," Petersen said. "They don't play hip hop but the crowd seemed to enjoy the [pairing]."

Imrpov wasn't on the bill for that concert, but that didn't stop Collett from joining Phunny Pharm onstage for a couple songs.

"That crowd was lit up," Collett said.

Petersen said he has been humbled by the warm response he has received from the Fort Collins hip hop scene.

"People have been calling KCSU and requesting our songs, that's awesome," Petersen added.

This college town has also put a stamp on their music.

"Fort Collins [in general] is a huge influence on our music," Wilmot said. "Everything that inspires us positively and negatively comes from this town."



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