All Aboard the Party Bus

Jan 252006
Authors: Jenny Ivy

At 50 feet long and 13 feet tall, it quite literally is the biggest traveling party to hit Colorado roads.

Deemed "The Behemoth," this black double-decker "rolling nightclub" bus is the biggest in the nation and the most recent edition to A Royalty Coach, a party coach service owned and created by Robyn and Mike Vanosdall of Fort Collins.

"When you see this thing go down the road, you're going to turn and look," said Robyn, who, along with her husband, started out eight years ago in the limousine business.

However, wanting more amenities for their clients, the Vanosdalls realized they could better entertain using 20-to-30-person buses instead of the standard six-person limousine.

Before the buses were road-ready, however, serious renovations had to be made by the Vanosdalls to transform them from average charter buses to flashy nightclubs on wheels.

"We really had no plan of what we wanted (the bus) to look like," Mike said. "We just knew we needed all those standards you find in a nightclub."

Several party amenities were added to the buses, including flat-screen televisions, DVD players, disco and fiber optic lighting, card tables, karaoke and a kegerator from which passengers can enjoy the luxury of free beer provided on the 30-person bus.

Having already obtained a limousine liquor license, A Royalty Coach now is also the first charter bus company in the nation to have a full bartender service. A cash bar is provided on the double-decker in addition to the booking fee, but the Vanosdalls added the happy hour drink prices to rival other drink specials found in places such as the bars in Old Town.

"It has been a three-year labor of love," said Robyn, who purchased the double-decker three years ago from Neoplan, a German company working with NASA.

One of only 22 in the nation, Neoplan provided the coach as a tour bus for NASA and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

"Out of those 22, this is the only one in the world that has reached a full restoration," Robyn said.

The bus seats 80 people, has a full cash bar and even has a kid's corner upstairs, making it also a "family bus," Robyn said.

With 40 feet being the standard for coach buses, the company prides itself on owning the "King of the Road" – the world's largest rolling cocktail lounge, which had its premiere road party Dec. 16.

With trip packages for the 20, 30 and 80 person buses, the local company provides rides to concerts, NASCAR events and Avalanche, Eagles, Rockies, Nuggets and Broncos games.

Loveland ski area also is working with A Royalty Coach providing free lift tickets with the purchase of a bus ride. At $56 total for the ticket and the ride, the growing company is creating a competitive market for other coach services.

CSU's head football coach Sonny Lubick is on the list of well-known names that have used the bus service recently. He and his coaching staff conga-lined their way to Denver aboard the party bus in 2004 for an annual banquet, Robyn said.

"They just made everything so easy and fun," said 38-year-old Loveland resident Patti Scott.

Scott used the limo double-decker coach in October to throw her husband, a drummer, a surprise party en route to Red Rocks where she rented out the amphitheatre so he could play onstage.

"It's great any time you pull people out of their element," Scott said. "Robyn and Mike have a great repertoire with the clientele. If you have a big group of friends, it's a great way to just goof around."

For more information about A Royalty Coach, go to or call (970) 493-7778.

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