Jan 242006

As in the Vietnam War era, it took a broad cross-section of the public getting fed up with a war without battle lines, in other words, an unwinnable war, before the White House and Congress finally came around. And like in the Vietnam War, a strong voice of dissent to the Iraq war is coming right out of the military – from those who realize that war needs to be winnable for it to be worth fighting. You REALLY know the times are changing when Congress begins to offer legislation calling for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. And that's just what's happening.

Congressional Rep. John Murtha, a veteran and unwavering supporter of U.S. military missions around the world, has now sponsored legislation calling for the United States to pull out of Iraq because active duty officers in the military have been coming to him and saying the course strategy is not working. "We've become the enemy," he said at a recent public meeting just a few blocks from the Pentagon. "Our troops have become a catalyst for violence." Soldier after soldier stood up to thank Rep. Murtha for speaking out, with ONE pro-war dissenter.

Instead of only two choices in Iraq, victory or defeat, Murtha argues U.S. choices include the reconstruction of Iraq through non-military means and through diplomacy, the support of an emerging civil society and new government. The Murtha bill has nearly 100 cosponsors. To find out more about Murtha's legislation visit http://www.fcnl.org/iraq.

Ruth Inglis-Widrick

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