Jan 242006

Jake Blumberg obviously does not understand the complexities behind the environment. He says that the safety of people should come before environmental protection, but how can you safely guarantee the continuation of humans as a species without protecting the environment?

The wetlands around New Orleans that were protected from the construction of floodgates are more than just "a perfect setting for a nature photo shoot;" they are a complex ecological system. These systems play an important role in recycling nutrients back into the soil, converting carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen and providing resources that we humans consume.

Should we just continue to strip mine for minerals or burn all of the tropical rain forests to the ground because it is convenient for people? Because that is what protecting New Orleans is – a convenience. There are plenty of other places within the United States that these people could have chosen to live that are not at risk of this type of flooding.

The people who lived in New Orleans knew the risks of where they chose to live. They chose to live in a city, located near the coast, which is below sea level. Or as Blumberg himself writes, "a veritable fish bowl just waiting to be filled with water."

When you chose to live in an area, you have to be willing to accept the inherent risks of the location. Nobody builds a house under a known avalanche shoot and then expects the government to bulldoze the mountain down so that a potential avalanche cannot destroy their home.

Protecting the environment is not an off hand event to be implemented when circumstances are easy. It is a necessary endeavor to ensure the continued habitability of the planet and persistence of the human species as a whole.

Julie Blayne

wildlife biology


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