Ram Talk

Jan 232006

Ever notice how women in those giant suede boots resemble cave people hunting caribou?

To all you Broncos fans, please retire all your NFL apparel for the next seven months because we Steeler fans are sick of your trash talking. And I think everyone should be proud of Joey Porter and Clark Haggans, two former CSU linebackers. Props to you, Sonny.

To the people who hear me talk crap about them when I'm walking next to them: I DONT CARE!

I really like the way Colorado is so sunny even though it's the middle of winter.

I like simple times…like eating bread and drinking a mountain maze…two for $4. I also like games like snake eyes with a dice and listening to a rattling speaker… it's nice to my ear. Why paint? I don't like it. I like to have key chains and grow a beard. Why do you care?

I would like to thank the CSU vet school for giving a dead beagle to two DU frat guys without question.

If anyone ever makes a comment to me about smoking outdoors, I would tap him or her lightly on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and say, "NO" in a low and firm voice – the way I would to a puppy that is barking at an inappropriate time.

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