Jan 232006

I don't know why you think this kid's O'Reilly-style rants fit your content needs, but as a 35-year-old marketing professional, I'm saying his writing belongs in the wastebasket.

Let's set aside his lack of factuality, his Goebbels-level tarring of anyone who disagrees with him and his egregiously radical-right "Christian" whining. Instead, let's consider there are a lot of 60-something guys out here in the real world who know that Jesus wasn't in the 'Nam and he sure isn't in Iraq.

If Chapman really wants to support our troops, he has two choices: join up to fight or join the protests against this lie-based war, so we can get our boys home sooner – and alive.

Oh, and if Chapman thinks he's going to get a job in marketing (which I would maybe offer him when hell freezes over), he has two more choices to make: admit his "values" are as ephemeral as fog and sell out for the paycheck or resign himself to working for firms named something like "Whited Sepulchre Advertising, Inc."

Richard Kelly

Tampa, Fla.

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