Jan 232006

I am appalled. Ryan's article finally opened my eyes. I can't believe how stupid and naive I was. I was rooting against the president. I am a traitor. Cuff me, exile me and while you're at it, execute me. I am now a new man. I will now silently sit back and let the right wing (and part of the left wing) steer this country into a new era – an era fabled in the novels of Huxley and Orwell.

I applaud the work of this administration to the worldwide approval of United States into a state where people are afraid to admit they are American when they travel abroad. We don't need the world behind us; we can do what ever we want.

This government not only showed genius by invading Iraq, but did it with such confidence that we didn't even need to send the amount of troops necessary to efficiently get the job done; we didn't need to properly arm them. The troops can be resourceful and find scrap metal in the dumpsters. By George, that is good old American ingenuity. And when those troops come home they will be able to sustain that level of ingenuity, because they don't need as many benefits.

I say, "If you have been to war, we took care of you there so you can take care of yourself when you get back." On top of that, they did this while debt soars. I only wish more could have been done, but these damn indictments take up a lot of time. My nickname was once Benedict Arnold, now I am known to all as the blind, meek-yielding lamb.

Eric Hazlett

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