Words from a traitor

Jan 222006

To Mr. Chapman regarding his Jan. 18 article:

You put forward your "theory" that all Democrats are in fact "traitors," silently cheering at the spilled blood of American soldiers so that we may further our sinister political agenda of making Bush look bad.

I want you to know that in a real sense, I am a traitor. When I saw the headline of your article I immediately… did absolutely nothing. I didn't read it and I didn't even think much of it, as I immediately thought your trite politically motivated drivel was in a college newspaper that (no offense to the Collegian or its readers) was not going to be read by anyone of real importance.

Moreover, I thought most reasonable people would react to your article the same way I react to a smarmy used car salesman, by being justifiably incredulous. After all, we all know the Collegian opinion page is filled with right-wing hot air.

But, then I got home and read the e-mails about your article I received from my father and brother. I was surprised at how upset they were… and that's when I realized I betrayed my better nature, which would have led me to write a response to your noxious libel, by instead falling into the easy arms of apathy.

See, honestly I don't care if you call me a treasonous liberal who is malodorous and a canker sore on the student body (and actually I would be somewhat amused if you wielded such colorful language) since petty words written by you and me are just so much ink.

If you really must continue with the bombastic rhetoric, then at least take my brother's advice and enlist in the military. After all, they are having a recruiting crisis and could use a good marketer like you.

Daniel Buck


Political science

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