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Jan 222006

Did anyone else notice that before winter break not one goose was seen on campus. Then when we returned there was a lovely coating of goose feces everywhere. We had once thought there was an anti-goose barrier, but the bottom of my shoes say otherwise.

To the girl at Lucky Joe's that I said I'd RamTalk about you: thanks for not letting that guy kill me. You rock! Plus, being alive is a hell of a lot better than lying face down in a drained pool somewhere. Cheers!

To the person who thinks that everyone who lives in Colorado should root for the Broncos simply because they live here: character and integrity are shown from a person who holds firm to their beliefs and are a fan of the team they choose, while shame is now all that can be shown from a Bronco fan.

Being an archaeologist is like being on the show Room Raiders, you can never be sure what that stain on the floor is.

To the three amazing girls who said thank you to me for holding the LSC door open for you: you are all brilliantly beautiful people and I thank you for your gratitude. You are proof chivalry is alive and well. To the one girl who ignored me… I'm sure you're out of my league, but do you really need to remind us of that all the time?

If anyone ever makes a comment to me about smoking outdoors, I would tap them lightly on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper and say "NO" in a low and firm voice. The way I would to a puppy that is barking at an inappropriate time.

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